Yoga for Colds & Flu

Yoga for Colds & Flu

Achoo! It’s flu season. It’s hard to stay moving when you are dealing with fever, aches, chills and respiratory problems. Here are a couple of sequences you can do together or separately to keep your lymph fluid moving a little to facilitate a quicker recovery. All of these poses can be done in bed! Keep the tissues handy to catch drippy noses.

YIN SECTION: noticing breath, non-judgment. With each breath, try to send energy to those parts that are complaining the most – nose, eyes, skin, belly, whatever.

  • Downward Facing -Frog ~ 3-5 minutes
  • Child’s ~ 1 minute
  • Side Twist – 3 minutes each side (Laying on Back, Knees Rotating Together to one Side)
  • Deer ~3 minutes each side
  • Anahatasana Melting Heart ~ 3 minutes
  • Child’s ~ 1 minute
  • Caterpillar – 5 minutes
  • Sphinx ~ 5 minutes
  • Saddle ~ 3 minutes


Happy Baby, 1 minute of free movement. Anything that needs to move. A few reps of Cat/Cow are great too.


  • Dandasana – Seated Staff Pose – 10 breaths
  • Reverse Tabletop – 3 repetitions of 3 breaths each
  • Janu Sirsasana – Forward Fold for 10 breaths on each side
  • Baradvajrasana – Gentle Twist of your choice, keeping a relaxed neck
  • Bridge – Skip this one if you have respiratory issues that prevent comfortable breathing
  • Legs Up Wall – Stay in this one as long as it feels good
  • Child’s Pose with Bolster
  • Foot Rub – Use your favorite lotion or a warm towel with scented oils
  • Recline to Svasana, Inhale through nose, exhale through mouth 3-5 times, lions breath
  • Svasana – 10 minutes

Happy Healing! Don’t forget lots of fluids, warm lightly cooked foods and rest rest rest!


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