Yin and Yang Yoga Practice for the Cardio-Pulmonary System

Yin and Yang Yoga Practice for the  Cardio-Pulmonary System

Intention for Practice: Yoga is the process of relating the microsystem of the human being to the macrosystem of the human experience. Think about how your heart and lungs are working throughout the entire practice. On each inhale breath feel the lungs expand and take in oxygen, and on the exhale imagine the heart circulating the freshly oxygenated blood to your body. Each breath brings renewal and nutrients to each cell of your body, increasing your level of health and well-being. Imagine the heart pumping fresh and oxygenated blood into your body, and receiving the veinous blood to be reengergized.

Bring to mind the first two Kosas (KO-sha) (layers of human experience) while you do this practice: Annamaya Kosa and Pranamaya Kosa.images1

1. Annamaya Kosa: This is the food sheath, the physical body. This is where we can start to learn about all the kosas (the five layers of being). As you practice, feel your body and what it is doing as accurately and lovingly as you can. Start by observing the breath and how it goes in and out, up and down. Observe the 360 degree effect of your breath on your torso. Feel it in your belly, ribs, chest, throat and nose.

2. Pranamaya Kosa: Start to notice how the energy moves in the body. As you move through the more yang poses, feel the energy you create to move up and down, in and out. Notice how this energy is attuned with the breath with each pose and movement. Start to feel the energy of the heart and how that can help you attune to your body. As you move through the more energetic poses, repeat the mantra “Yoga is the uniting of consciousness in the heart.” Feel the heart energy of deep strength and deep vulnerability inform your practice. Practice feeling deep compassion for yourself and others.

Start with Yin to quiet the mind and body:

1. Child’s pose (5 min).

2. Sphinx Pose (5 min)

3. Dragon Pose (3 minutes each side).

4. Fallen Tree Pose (3-5 minutes each side). (Tree Pose lying down on the floor, belly up).

Warm up for a Yang Practice with 5 Surya Namaskar A series.

1. Tadasana – Standing Mountain Pose

2. Uttanasana – Standing Forward Fold

3. Chatarunga – Low Push-Up Pose

4.  Urdhva Mukha Svasana- Upward Dog Pose

5. Adho Mukha Svasana – Downward Dog Pose – 5 full breaths

6. Tadasana

7. Repeat.

Pause at the end of the 5 Sun Salutations and close your eyes in Tadasana. Feel the breath and the heartbeat as clearly as you can. Give thanks for a heart and lungs that are supporting you in this practice. Take 10 breaths here.

Yang Yoga Series:

1. Warrior One. (Optional Vinyasa)

2. Warrior Two. (Optional Vinyasa)

3. Reverse Warrior. (Optional Vinyasa)

4. Tree Pose. (Optional Vinyasa)

5. Dancer Pose. (Optional Vinyasa)

Inversion Series:

1. Legs Up the Wall or Handstand.

2. Bridge Pose or Shoulderstand.

3. Plow or Reclining Twist.



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