Year With Out Fear, Issue #1

Year With Out Fear, Issue #1

So this week starts a journey for me – 365 days of my commitment to understand, learn about and overcome fear. Why did I take on this task, you might wonder? Not far back, I noticed that fear of things drove simple, every day decisions. I was afraid of failure, of responsibility, of disappointing loved ones – you name it. And I got tired of it. Yoga and my studies of nueroscience have taught me that the brain is changeable – and our reactions of fear have a strong root in the brain. So I’ve learned through yoga as well that daily practice, one step at a time, is the way to make genuine and lasting change. With the help of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I can post daily and weekly in more depth about my thoughts and journey on this subject. Additionally, I am a dedicated teacher of yoga – so why not share this with my students, and give them the tools that I discover, use and understand on this journey I am embarking upon? I hope you will join me, write to me about your own journey, and we can share with us all the simple, effective thoughts, habits and patterns we discover and uncover about fear and our journey into power.

theplacesthatscare youThe first thing I came upon was a book by Pema Chodron, The Places that Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times. The first concept of this book is called Bodhichitta, or the soft, vulnerable place. It’s the way we let pain in to soften us – and pain is something we fear deeply. She talks about it in the way where it is something deeply sacred to open your life and mind up to pain- and not in the sense “no pain, no gain”, but a much softer, lighter and compassionate approach to pain. How do we, with grace, receive the message of pain? How do we, with love, understand other’s pain, and soften in the knowledge that this is the reason they hurt us and cause us pain?

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