Practicing Compassion: A highly effective technique for happiness

Practicing Compassion: A highly effective technique for happiness

Compassion meditation, often called “Metta” or “Lovingkindness” meditation is a key element in living a contented life. Compassion can be defined as the conscious recognition and acknowledgement of another sentient being’s ability to feel pain, joy, love, sadness, grief, happiness or any other emotion or experience. Practicing this meditation increases your ability to be compassionate to yourself, a soft gentle feeling that turns inward and can start to decrease the volume of negative or critical thoughts. This can bring a sense of ease into your daily life, making it easier to choose habits and thoughts that cultivate happiness.

I am pleased to announce that I have 2 audio meditations now available for purchase on my site. There are two versions of the same meditation, a long and short version of a simple compassion meditation. You can practice it anywhere and keep it on your smartphone for easy access as you go about your day.

Want to know the science behind compassion meditation? Here are some great articles to help you understand the power of this type of meditation:

Curious and want to try it out? You can buy my compassion meditations here!


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