Overcoming MUD, FIRE, WATER and FEAR

Overcoming MUD, FIRE, WATER and FEAR
So yesterday I had the pleasure of facing a tough obstacle course called the Warrior Dash! This is my second annual attendance at this event in Huntersville, North Carolina. The day dawned with perfect weather – 60 degrees and sunny. What a perfect day for a race! And what a difference between this year and last year! Last year, the race was much tougher. Why? There were a few things that made it much, much harder:

Before the race this year!1. I was unsure of my physical ability. I had spent a bunch of years prior not being in shape, but had made it a priority to get in shape last year before my first Warrior Dash. I did almost a year of a program called P90X, which included weightlifting, cardiovascular, martial arts, and yoga workouts. I did pushups, pullups, you name it, I did it. Even though I had done all this physical prep, I was still not sure until I finished the race that I would.

This year I knew I would finish. I have much higher confidence in myself and my ability, as well as familiarity with what goes into preparing for and finishing this race. I knew that even though I might not be as physically prepared this year, I could do it. And I wouldn’t stop until I did.

2. We had a run of bad luck and inexperience, as well as lack of adequate observation of the course. Between signing up for a late wave time (11 a.m., which now I realize EVERYONE signs up for so there was a lot of crowding and a LOT more heat, longer lines, more crowded obstacles, etc). I also did not take time to observe one obstacle in particular (the MUD PIT at the end) before I got in it and it proved to be one of the most scary and hard obstacles I’ve ever done. Last year it took me 30 minutes and everyone helping each other to get ourselves through a chest deep, cement-like, 50 yard crawl underneath barbed wire.

This year we signed up for the early wave (9 a.m.) and took time to look over the obstacles before our race started. We saw the mistakes others were making and planned a way not to make those mistakes ourselves. The mud pit wasn’t as challenging, as I am sure the feedback from last year from everyone who did it must have reached the ears of management.  Last year the race took us almost 2 hours to finish, and this year it took about 1 hour! That’s pretty awesome improvement. I was also able to have more fun this year, as the lessons I learned last year were great prep for this year.

3. I wasn’t aware of my true weakness – my mental attitude. This is the biggest key. With all my physical training, my body did really well, both this year and last year. But the MIND chatter that was all in my way made the race much, much harder last year – constantly having thoughts of “can I do this?” and “what happens if I fail” took away from the energy and FUN of the race!

This year I had no doubts and a high level of self-confidence due to a HUGE mental revamp of my attitude, the contribution of my experience, and last but definitely not least, the company of one of my best friends, Jane. We’ve made a commitment to do this race every year, no matter what, to keep ourselves challenged, to share experiences and to have a mark in our lives as to how far we have come, both individually and together!
So how can you take these mental lessons and apply them to your life? Start taking a fresh and honest look at your mental attitudes towards EVERYTHING in your life. They are truly your only limiting factor in life in achieving your dreams – if you can honestly let go of them (and you may need some help learning how to do this, so come to my classes next week for how yoga can help!), you can TRANSFORM who you are, inside and out!
Namaste today and every day,

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