Fridays: Yin Yoga for Everyone, 2:15 -3:35 p.m

Asheville Community Yoga Center
8 Brookdale Avenue, Woodfin, NC

(near Asheville, NC)

Every Friday, 2:15 – 3;35 p.m.

Yin Yoga will give you the key to understanding how to manage your mind, body and spirit to develop a regular meditation practice, as well as balance our active, on-the-go lives and yoga practices. You whole being needs the deep, slow and complete rest that Yin Yoga can provide. Appropriate for all levels, even if you have never done yoga before! You will leave refreshed, invigorated and full of a profound peace that will positively affect your whole life.

Yin yoga is different from other yoga styles because of the following guidelines:

1. We focus on the non-muscular tissues – the bones, ligaments, and fascia of the body – the connective tissues that are throughout the body. Even blood is a connective tissue!

2. We hold poses from 3-5 minutes, sometimes longer. Don’t worry though, the poses are designed to be supportive and restful, while still challenging your mind and body.

3. The practice is very meditative, with guided techniques to focus the mind and observe the breath.

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