Calm & Focus in 30 seconds

Calm & Focus in 30 seconds

upward-salute-mountain-poseWhen life gets to Autobahn speeds (which it does quite often) it is hard to focus and calm our minds. But do you know you have an amazing tool to do that with you all the time? It’s called your body! When we get really busy and move fast, our mind takes over and disconnects us from our bodies. It’s not something you’ve done wrong – its a survival thing. Our bodies are programmed to come second when we are under a lot of stress. The good news is that the body can counteract this tendency through coordinating the breath with movement (yoga!). Try this 30 second moving asana to get you back into your body, which will help calm and focus your mind. You will feel the difference!

Start in Tadasanawoman-yoga-pose-chair-041614-01

The act of breaking the normal movement of running around will help you calm & focus. Try this 30 second sequence to help you re-ground into your body and increase your sense of well-being and empowerment! Start in Tadasana (Standing Mountain Pose). Inhale and raise your arms above your head. Exhale and keep your arms above your head and sit down into a squat. Inhale and bring your arms down to your sides as you straighten your legs. Exhale and sit back down into Utkatasana pose (Chair pose). Repeat 10-15 times. It’s that simple! Then take 5 breaths after you are done to breath and notice how you feel. You will be more present and more calm than before! Repeat several times during the day, and you’re also boosting your metabolism by reducing stress and using the large muscle groups of the legs.


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