Befriending Yourself

Befriending Yourself

Befriending yourself is a really worthwhile process. It may be challenging to do it or even understand what it feels like, so try the following exercise to create an energy-producing mind state of love and care for YOU.

Befriending Yourself

Imagine yourself at a time when you really stood up for someone and helped them through a difficult moment or period on their life. What did you feel like inside? Did you sit up straighter or speak clearly and with purpose? Did you feel like a fire was lit inside, giving you the insight and clarity to do what the other person might not have been able to do? Did you feel energetic and loving and kind? Did you feel fierce? What words would you use to describe how that feeling felt and why you would do it again?

Take a few moments to reflect on how it felt in your body to be a friend to someone, noticing the posture of your body, the feeling in your stomach, chest or heart, and the feelings you felt after the moment or time period had passed.

Now imagine taking those same feelings and actions and turning them towards yourself. Feel awkward or hit a block? Can’t see how to do it? Revisit the feelings for your friend and imagine that friend saying, “Thank you so much. That really helped me. Now please use this for yourself.” Feel those same feelings in your body and mind as you allow the feelings to flow towards you. Notice how you feel in your body now. Sit with yourself for a few moments, absorbing these feelings as they flow back into you.

Want to practice this on your own? Download the audio practice, “Befriending Yourself Meditation”.

Foot Bath for Self-Care

Sometimes a physical act of caring for ourselves can really help make the “befriending yourself” concept very real and memorable. Today, for 10 minutes, while you’re sorting the bills or typing on your computer, fill a bowl or other container with warm water, essential oils or epsom salts. Take a couple of minutes and massage your feet, then put them in the warm water. Go on with whatever you were doing, and enjoy a bit of self-care today.


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