An Ayurvedic Approach to Eating

An Ayurvedic Approach to Eating

So about a year ago, I started incorporating Ayurvedic healing modalities into my life. Ayurveda, or “the science of life” developed thousands of years ago as a companion practice to yoga. Yoga, as we know it in America today, is the science of being on the mat or meditation cushion. Ayurveda, is the science of being off that mat and still practicing the principles that keep us healthy and able to progress our understanding and awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

Personal Lessons from Ayurveda

The things I’ve learned in this year are profound and have helped me progress in my meditation, my asana practice and in my relationships and life. Three of the most powerful things I’ve learned about food from Ayurveda are:

1. Its about connection. So often we eat on the run, or mindlessly, suddenly staring at an empty bowl and the feelings that go along with it. Ayurveda encourages slowing down and making our relationship to food a sacred, precious and concrete thing. Try this Ayurvedic approach to drinking water I learned: Write something you would like to take in on your water bottle. Any word will do. Then every time you take a drink from that bottle, repeat the world to yourself.

2. Its about your dosha. Doshas are ways to understand how each person is unique. You are some combination of Pitta, Kapha and Vata – three ways of being in this world. What you are determines what foods are best for you to eat!  Click here to understand more about doshas.

3. Its about love. When we cultivate a sense of self-love, we are less likely to choose foods that create feelings in our body that we don’t enjoy. Cultivating love in preparation, the act of eating, or the act of choosing how and when to eat can bring in healthy habits with more ease. Try using my compassion meditation recording to help you feel a deeper sense of self love. 

Want to learn more about Ayurveda? Click here.

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