3 Videos to Relax in 10 Minutes

3 Videos to Relax in 10 Minutes

Everyone finds it hard to find time to relax. Life is busy! I am a big believer in small relaxation treats – 10 minutes or less to help you cultivate a calmer state of mind. It all adds up, and at the end of the day, if you took 2-3 10 minute breaks, that half hour can really make a difference when you are winding down or trying to have quiet family time. I took a look around YouTube and found three great videos that take about 10 minutes!

1. Legs Up the Wall Restorative Yoga: This is a great, simple video. All you need is a wall! Try this today when you’ve been on your feet for a while and it will change your perspective – literally!

2. Restorative Yoga with a Bolster: Using a pillow is great, and you could use folded up blankets or towels too. Try this when your energy is low or you didn’t get enough sleep the night before!

3. Simple 3 Pose Flow: This video is a slight variation on the one above with great relaxing commentary. Try this one when you need to gather energy for the rest of your day!


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